Details of Cathedral and Archdeaconries


The introduction of Christianity to Ikare did not take a single wave as in some other towns.  It will be recalled that as far back as about 1870s, one Mr. Michael Badoro, an uncle to Oria at Okela quarters, Ikare  Akoko.  When he returned from Slavery may be from Sierra Leone or Abeokuta or Lagos, he preached the gospel to his people.  The paganism illiteracy of the time was so awful that he died in the chains as people felt that he was insane for predicting several future events about our government, dresses, culture and education.  Early in 1892, an Ijesha Christian rubber tapper made contact with Okela, Ikare through Ekiti and brought the gospel to the people.
In 1900AD, another wave of evangelism came through Mr. Emmanuel Olorunda of Okeruwa quarters in Ikare.  By then the influence of the British Government have been felt all over the districts and this enable all the liberated people to return to the homes in Akoko.  There were evangelical groups at Okorun, Ekan, Okela and Okeruwa, this groups functioned unitedly, but owing to great distances among the quartes of the town and also have their services in their different quarters of the town.
As from 1910, the St. Stephen’s Church, Ikare began to exercise the role of leadership among other churches in Akoko most especially when the government administrative headquarters for the whole Akoko was situated at Ikare.   The St. Stephen’s Church, Ikare became Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Akoko at its inauguration on the 28th February, 1983.    Many people have served as Church Workers first on the list is Mr. M.A. Aiyegbusi from Imeri who served the church from 1913 – 1916 and the present worker is Ven. J. O. IDOWU (DEAN) from Ajowa and Revd. Canon T. M. Ayoola Olaniyan as Cathedral Canon in Residence.



It was in 1906 that Mr. Michael Elebe introduced Christianity to Arigidi.  The religion was then regarded with derision, and for the next six years, no one cared to join the Church and Mr. Elebe felt discouraged to the verged of returning to paganism.  But in 1911, he summoned courage when the Lord opened the minds of some of his friends who joined him.  He then brought some copies of A.B.D (first Yoruba Primer) and taught them how to read and write, these men were Messrs Ekotomowa, Peter Asipori, Daniel Adewumi.  These people in 1916 left the church and formed Baptist Church denomination with Asurankan, Omoegun, Adesina and Lawani.
As from 1916, the Christianity began to spread with good footing in all the quarters of the town through the influence of some strong personalities who were Mr. Gabriel Akande at Ekiteji; Samuel Memudu at Ayase, Samuel Balogun at Ogo; Jacob Aguda and Abraham Pojoku at Imo; Jacob Awe at Ogua; Chief Awe Onita and Matthew Elebe at Ita; Mr. J.L. Oni and Chief Elego at Iyu.
The Church was elevated to Parish Status in 1952 and in 1963 it was made the mother church for Akoko West District Church and later to Archdeaconry seat for Akoko North Archdeaconry but when Erusu was UPDATEd as Archdeaconry seat for Akoko North Arhdeaconry, St. Paul’s Ang. Church, Argidi became the headquarter of Arigidi Archdeaconry with seven Churches under her.  Mr. Aiyegbusi was the first Church Worker in 1916 and was replaced with Mr. J.L. Ahonmisi in 1919.  Ven. and Mrs. S. O. Akinmogbe and Revd. and Mrs. S. O. Aladegbemi


Medical Mission Outreach

Medical Mission Outreach

Medical Mission Outreach


DAY ONE –  9TH MARCH, 2012

ARRIVAL:   The arrival and registration began at about 4.00pm after which prayer sessions was conducted in various groups inside the selected class rooms of Urelasi Primary School, the venue of the outreach.

RALLY:   Immediately after the prayer session, the participant took a short rally round the venue of the programme together with the Diocesan Bishop singing warfare songs as they prophetically possessed the Land for Jesus.

REVIVAL PROGRAMME:  The out reach programme commence properly at about 6.30pm with the opening prayer which was led by Bro. O. Olowodunoye and the Praise Team took the stage foe Praise and worship under the leadership of Bro. Olufemi Adefemi.  The Bishop, The Rt. Revd. G. A. Akinbiyi welcomed everyone to the venue, and given instruction on what to do and how to do it.  He implored the instrumentalist to please see well to the engine.  After then, welcome speech by the Bishop, the Choir ministration begins and people begin to trop in from the town and surrounding town.  The film ministration began immediately after the choir ministration titled: “O to ge”  (It is enough) this was directed by Mr. Taiwo and Rev. Ojedeji.

MESSAGE:   Immediately after the film show, Ven. E.A. Adeniyi preached a short sermon from Matt. 11:28-30, after then Canon A.O. Olusakin led the ministration /Alter Call and later prayed for all kinds of ailment, bad dreams etc. The Diocesan said the closing Prayer and Benediction to the people.  At a very brief meeting with the Evangelical Team, the Bishop called upon Ven. I.B. Ariuwajoye to give the announcement to the team on where to eat and sleep. The grace was said in together at about 10.15pm.  The totals of 299 people received Christ and were prayed for during the first day of revival

DAY TWO   –  10TH MARCH, 2012
The second day programme is divided into two sessons.  The first session commenced as early as possible at 4.30am with early morning cry led by Mr. A.O. Olowodunoye.  Registration and Counseling Session started at about 8.00am at the venue of the programme.  Within a twinkle of an eye hundreds of people started trouping in into the venue.  There are four rooms designated for the Medical Mission programme.  The Diocese has spent hundreds of Naira for purchase of Drugs and some donations were also made.

(1.) Counseling Room:  Where the people were being counseled to know their problems and asking them to give their lives to Jesus Christ.  It is this room that will determine whether to see the Doctor or to go for spiritual deliverance.

(2.)  Deliverance Room:  This is the room where prayers are being offered to those who are spiritually afflicted, various Men Of God who are there to lay hands on the sick.

(3.)  Doctors, Nurses and Lab. Attendance:  After going through the counselor room or Deliverance Room then the third room is now to see the Nurses and Doctor and if possibly see the Laboratory attendant for sugar level, HIV/AIDS test.  Prescriptions of drugs were made to the patient.  We have two (2) Doctors, seven (7) Nurses and one (1) Laboratory.

(4.)  Finally, the forth room is the dispensary room, where we have the pharmacists who give out drugs to the patients.  We have two (2) Pharmacists and other nurses joined to help in disbursing the drugs to the people.

At the close of this Medical Mission which lasted for almost six hours (9.00am – 3.00pm) about 299 people were attended to by the Medical Personnel.  There was break between 4.00pm – 5.30pm.

EVENING SESSION:  The evening session which is Revival Programme commenced at 6.00pm with choruses was led by the Praise Team.  The opening prayer was led by Dr. Mrs. Olowodunoye.  At the start of the continuation of film show, the rain overtook the programme for about one and half hour, the Bishop and some of the Priests, Evangelists were in the great down pour and God works mysteriously where people fell under the anointing for which 81 people were ministered deliverance and healing to.

At the close of this session around 10.55pm, the Diocesan Bishop thanked all the team for their steadfastness even when it look very impossible but the Lord took control.  He discussed how the third day of the event will look like.  He then called upon Ven. T.A. Adeola to give announcement and prayer of thanksgiving. The Bishop said the benediction at about 11.20pm.

DAY THREE  –   11TH MARCH, 2012

CHURCH SERVICE:  The Church services started at 9.00am prompt at Iromi Ipesi at Ven. Lawal House.  The Choir led the Praise and Worship for about 40 minutes and the number of people begins to increase.  Ven. S.A. Adepoju led the Call to Worship.  The Diocesan Bishop preached the maiden subject and prayer was offered for the town and the people and the Bishop promised to visit them again on Thursday preceding the mission.  The church was named Pentecostal Anglican Church of Christ, Iromi Akoko.  The service ended at about 12.20pm.

Immediately after the end of the service, all the team members and the clergy mixed together for a meeting to highlight how the programme had been for this three days suggestions were made and donations were also made for buying a bible for the new convert.  More donations are still needed.   The Bishop informed all the team members that a land has been given out for building a Church at Iromi Akoko.  Prayers and Benediction was said by the Diocesan Bishop.

NOTE:  We bespeak your prayers and donations towards more pragmatic evangelism in Akoko Anglican Diocese.  Contact the Bishop through these:
E-mail addresses:,


Brief Bishop’s Profile

Brief Bishop’s Profile


The Most. Reverend Gabriel Akinbolarin Akinbiyi was born on the 5th December, 1949. He got married to Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi about 34 years ago. In 1956 to 1961, he went to St. John’s Anglican School, Oke Igbo and later went to Local Authority Modern School, Oke Igbo between 1962 to 1964. After some years he went to Diocesan Training Centre, Wusasa, Zaria (D.T.C.) in 1975 to 1976. He later proceeded to Immanuel College of Theology, Ibadan in 1978 and passed out in 1981. He was a Deacon in 1981 and Priested in 1982.
Archbishop Akinbiyi went further in his educational career to Oak Hill College, London in 1987 to 1990, where he obtained D.H.E., B.A. and went to Kings College, London, between 1990 to 1991 where he obtained Masters in Theology.
Archbishop Akinbiyi has served in many Churches in the Northern part of Nigeria, such places are Zaria, Kaduna, Kano, Gusau, Offa and now Akoko.

He was made a Canon in the year 1993 and in 1994 he was made an Archdeacon. In 1998 he was made the Bishop of Offa Anglican Diocese and in July 2008 he was transferred to Akoko Anglican Diocese as the Diocesan Bishop. He is blessed with Godly Children and grand Child.

Diocesan Schools

Diocesan Schools




The school was founded by Akoko Anglican Diocese but particularly by the women organization under the able leadership of Mama A.K. Olowokure on 5th of February, 1990.

The School Objectives are:- The main objectives are (a) To catch the children young for Christ (b) To give the children a sound moral and academic foundation that will prepare them for life.
 Management:-  There was a board of governors constituted by the Diocesan Bishop which together with the bishop’s wife, run the school. But the Board was dissolved by the present Proprietress, Mrs. S.A Akinbiyi, and since then the school has been taken over directly by the
women organization of Akoko Anglican diocesan under the supervision of the proprietress.
 Past Head Teachers:- The following people had been appointed at various times as the head teacher of the school.
a   Mrs. Alla F.O. was the first head teacher of the school.
b   Mrs. Ogundana.
c   Mrs. E.B. Omotunase, she resigned her appointment in 1995.
d   Mr. S.A. Ayodele from 2-01-1995 to 10-09-1995.
e   Mrs. E.B. Omotunase was re-employed again on 11-9-1995
to 24-04-1998.
f    Mr. E. A. Adeyemi from 29-4-1998 to 15-06-2000
g    Revd. F. Wuyi Olisa form 16-06-2000 to 14-07-2003
h    Revd. Canon J.B.T. Ajayi assisted by Revd. Dele Olorunkoya
15-08-2003 to 12-01-2005        \
i     Revd. Canon J.O. Olusakin assisted by Revd. Dele Olorunkoya
13-01- 2005 to12-01-2005
j    Mrs. J.B.  Ogunleye from 7th February, 2007 to 2nd of February, 2008
k    Mr. Solomon Akinwumi from 2nd February 2008 up to date.

FINANCE:-Initially, the school was financed by the Diocesan Women  and from grant from the Diocese. For some times now nothing has been coming from these sources. The school depends on the school fees and other revenues it can generate internally.

STAFFING:- There are 16 (sixteen) members of Academic Staff including the Head Teacher and 7 (seven) Non Academic Staff at present.

1. High Academic performance of the Pupils.
2. Modern infrastructure with conducive environment for learning.
3. Well equipped Day care department, spacious and modern recreation ground for the pupil.
4. Salary increment of the staff of the school.
5. Increase in Population of the Pupils.
6. Availability of facilities such as computer systems (5 computer sets), Television set for K.G., Photocopying machine, Generator, and costumes for entertainment.

ENROLMENT:- The number of pupils on Roll is as follow.

1. K.G. 17 22 39
2. NURSERY 1 27 28 55
3. NURSERY 2 31 24 55
4. NURSERY 3 21 21 42
5. PRY. 1 19 21 40
6 PRY. 2 22 22 44
7. PRY.3 18 15 33
8 PRY 4 23 15 38
9 PRY 5 15 14 29


  1.  Normal Academic Work
  2.  Sport
  3.  End of the Session Activities:- Matriculation and Graduation.
  4.  Annual Harvest Thanksgiving and Carol Service
  5.  Debates and Quiz Competitions

(a)   Credit facilities up to N20,000 without interest refundable within
12 months
(b)   Money realized form afternoon lessons Monday to Thursday is
shared between the staff who take 2/3 and the school management
takes 1/3 at the end of the term.
( c)   Money realized from extra – curricular activities like Graduation ,
Harvest /Carol services, Sport meeting ,e.t.c. is shared among the
staff who take ¼ (25%) and ¾ (75%) goes to the school management
after deducting the expenditure.
(d)   Salary of staff are paid as at when due including the holidays.

(1)   Lack of full- co-operation from Churches, especially those in Ikare town.
(2)   Because of the economic situation in the country, parents find it difficult to pay the school fees of their Children/Wards as at when due.

The Clergymen pay Half Tuition for their Children or wards. Parents with up to three Children in the school pay half tuition of the third child.

There are three available buses that ply various towns and villages in Akoko to convey pupils from their respective destination to the school. The towns and villages include: (1) Ajegunle Oka (2) Supare Akoko (3) Akungba Akoko (4) Oyin Akoko (5) Ikaram Akoko (6) Erusu Akoko (7) Arigidi Akoko (8) Ikare Akoko

The School runs its academic system from Monday to Thursday 7:30am to 3:00pm and between 7:30am to 1:00pm on Fridays. The School always comply with the policy of the government by observing every giving holidays.

Various subjects are offered by the pupils from KG to primary five under the supervision of the Headteacher. These include:
1.English Language
2. Mathematics
3.Bible Knowledge
5.General Paper
6.Elementary Science
8.Creative Art
9.Civil Education
10.Yoruba Language
12.Home Economics
13.Computer Science
14.Social Studies
15.Primary Science
16.Agric. Science
17.Physical Education
18.Health Education
19.Fine Art
20.Verbal Reasoning
21.Quantitative Reasoning

The School takes part in the regular examination conducted by the Ministry of Education, including the primary School leaving Certificate Examination, Federal Government Entrance Examination and the Unity Secondary School Entrance Examination.

This is a body constituted by the school management to see to the affairs of the school in conjunction with the parents. The body is governed by some executives which include Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and coordinators for each route.

The School Anthems are of two verses. This was composed by the founding proprietress, Mrs. A.K. Olowokure immediately the school was established.

VERSE 1:  Let all Margaret Lennon scholars,
Stand and praise the Lord our God,
Staff and Parents, who had labored,
Lift up your heart and rejoice.
CHORUS:  Forward ever is our Anthem,
Fight as saints who nobly taught
For Christ and knowledge of his Truth,
Give us Grace and Peace, oh Lord.

VERSE 2:  God of Grace and lord of Mercy
Let us to thy Glory live
Lord thy life of all things living
Guide us to our live we pray.
CHORUS:  Forward ever is our Anthem,
Fight as saints who nobly taught
For Christ and knowledge of his Truth,
Give us Grace and Peace, oh Lord


Diocesan Projects

Diocesan Projects


Since the creation of Akoko Anglican Diocese on 28th February 1983, there has not been any project as source of Income rather than the Diocesan Assessments paid by the Churches which many Churches are falling short of it. But in recent years (about 2 years ago), a land was given to the Diocese of Akoko at Abuja and in order to develop the land, a club was inaugurated for people to join in-order to raise fund for the project which the least contribution of every Anglican Member in Akoko should be N5,000.00 while some can pay up to N1,000,000.00 and more, and the Club is known as DIOCESE OF AKOKO CHRISTS’ AMBASSADOR CLUB (DACAC).

The inauguration of this Club is with the aim of using the proceeds to put up a building. Now the project has gulfed up to 50 million naira only to reach the level shown below.

The Diocese is now seeking for financial assistance from individual and corporates to complete the building project to the tune of 60 million naira only.  At the completion of the said building, it will help the Diocese of Akoko to be self-supporting and self-financing, Church Assessments will be drastically reduced.

Your contributions can be paid into the following Account details

Bank Name:   SKYE BANK

Bank Name:   Diocese of Akoko Christ Ambassadors Club (DACAC)

Bank Account No:   1771577127

Present stage of the Building in Abuja.             


                                                               The Rt. Revd. Gabriel Akinbolarin Akinbiyi, M.Th (London)

                                                             Diocesan Bishop of Akoko Anglican Diocese