It was about the year 1906, one Mr. Oyere and his wife introduced Christianity to Erusu.  The couple who were petty trader seemed to belong to Lagos – badagry area of this country.  He made strenuous effort to convert the people but only Mr. Agboola and his friend Ben. Alo took to him and he taught them how to read A.B.D Primer.  On a casual visit by one Mr. Jacob Popoola and his partner Oluyole from Arigidi who demonstrated their faith by reading A.B.D., the heart of Amodu and many other changed and the joined the new converts.  With the increase, a small church was built at Aga quarters of the town.
Mr. Agboola was an enthusiastic Christian who did much to convert many people into the faith, especially Mr. Aliu and several others at Okega quarter where another church was quickly built within a few years.  The  C.M.S. denomination had two churches in the old site of the town and for the purpose of unity and stability, Sunday Service were held alternatively.  Later on, both quarters merged their churches into one built at Ogamo in 1915- 1916.  this building was used for 8 years before the town relocated from the old site to the new site at Ikare – Lokoja road in 1924.  At the early stage of the Church, Mr. Emmanuel Olorunda from Ikare supervised the activities of the Church and came regularly for the Sunday Services.  This Church St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Erusu became the Archdeaconry of Akoko North with three Churches inclusive.

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