It was in 1906 that one Mr. Agan of Isowo quarter and his friend Mr. Omooso of Ipiran quarter in Ifira introduced Christianity to the town.   They both invitied Mr. Isaac Tenabe of Idoani who established and strengthened them and their people in the faith by frequent visits on Sundays and week days.   As Christianity spread rapidly in the town, the Chiefs proved very hostile to the Faith, especially, Aringbolu of Okefira, Olugbedan of Odofira andAdemoyega of Isowo.  The persecution was so great that many of the Christians fled the town to Idoani and some to Lokoja where they had the priviledges of baptism, confirmation and marriage.  Rev. F. Hedger from Owo helped a lot to soften the persecutions by his occasional visits and advocating from them with the Kabba District Officers who were in charge of Akoko government affairs that time.
The first missionary who visited the town was Rev. H.F. gane, the C.M.S. Superintendent from Owo in 1913.  the following were the leading members of the church at the time:- Messrs Agan, Daniel Bejide, Olowojugbagbe, Samuel Isibeku, Solomon aguda, Jacob Aromo, Samuel Gangan, Gabriel Okiti, Joshua Okegbe, Joseph Olarinwa, Adetuyi and Elizabeth Omowa.  The first church building was erected in 1911 at Ipiran quarter and second at Efon which the persecutors destroyed with fire in 1917.  another church building was erected at isowo quarter.  Since the arrival of Rev. L.A. Lennon in 1920, peace and progress started to attend the church.  As a result of Joseph Babalola’s evangelistic campaign in 1930s there was a split to the Church Apostolic Church in 1938 and later, some segregated and formed the Roman Catholic and African Churches

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