In 1912, at the time of Oba Arogunyo Olubaram, one native of Ibaram Mr. John Odogbo, came home on holidays from Kano.  He was a sociable personality and a devoted Christian who came home to preach to his pagan friends and many others about the salvation and freedom brought to man by Jesus Christ.  The congregation used an apartment in John Odogbo’s house as a hall for Sunday Services and meetings.  After a while, a small Church was erected for worship.
It was in 1940, Ibaram people left the old site to the main road through the advice and instrumentality of Ven. L.A. Lennon.  It was in 1943 that the Ibaram and Iyani Christians agreed and combined to build a Church and Vicarage and a teacher’s house.  The foundation of the present Church was laid by Ven. L. A. Lennon.  On January 23, 1945, the building was completed under the able young Catechist Mr. R.I. Aiyejoto.  The dedication of the Church took place on 19th June, 1948 and was performed by Ven. G. Burton, Principal of St. Andrew’s College, Oyo while the lesson was read by Rev. J. L Akeredolu of Oka who was the secretary of Akoko Kabba – Igbirra District Church Council.  Since then the Church continue to grow from strength to strength.

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