The mention of Christianity in Ikaram area was as old as the influence of the Royal Niger Company in Akoko, because out of the company’s recruits, messengers and administrative officers, roughly between 1890 and 1900, some were Christians.  Ikaram town was for sometimes a popular administrative centre for the company.   It was about 1910 when Rev. H. F. Gane visited Akoko that one Mr. Akinremi, a native of Oshogbo, openly introduced Christianity to the town.  There were lots of converts which are: Paul Ayomitan, Ben. Balogun, Samuel Adeniyi and many more.  Due to predominant heathen and muslim influence in the town, the Christian suffered much persecutions, and they were repeated subjected to ill-treatments in the hands of the Chiefs, elders and European Administrative Officers.  In 1915, the leading set of the Christians were baptized  by Rev. Hedger the C.m.S. Assistant Superitendent from owo and some of them were confirmed in 1919 and 1921 respectively.   About 1952, owing to some internal disagreements in the church, there was a split which led to the building of St. John’s Church Aiyeteju by a section of the people because aiyeteju people are very strong, co-operative and progressive and built a vicarage and attained a parish status.

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