Diocesan Mission and Vision

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  • Post published:19/09/2016
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In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit we shall work to achieve the following agenda during our tenure as the Bishop of this Diocese.  We call on everyone to join us for the realization of this agenda.

  1.  The Reconciliation of all to God and to another through Christ’s

gospel of Peace to become a united  and cooperating Diocese.

  1.  The revival of all members and churches to become a dynamic, Holy

Ghost filled and led Diocese.

  1.  The restoration of the lost fortunes of this Diocese to become a

glorious Church with respectable and respected leaders.

  1. The Rebuilding of all broken down relationships through the

promotion of the love of Gods  revealed in Christ Jesus.

  1. The Planting of new Churches through pragmatic evangelism with

every member being an evangelist.

  1. Equipping and strengthening the existing churches through Holy

Ghost empowered preaching and teaching the undiluted word of


  1. Becoming a self-supporting Diocese made up of hardworking,

faithful and trustworthy ministers and members who are always

ready to give their time, money and talents cheerfully and

sacrificially of God’s work.

  1. Being a transformed Church, transforming her society and

community economically and spiritually.

  1. Above all, being a Christo-centric Diocese where Christ takes the pre-

eminence and reigns in Love, Peace, Holiness, Righteousness and the

Power of His resurrection in the lives of the Bishop, Clergy and Laity

both male and female, young and old, rich and poor.