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Date: Thursday 9th June – Sunday 12th June 2016

Theme: How shall we escape?

Text: Heb. 2:3.






At 4:00pm, the Diocesan the Rt. Rev’d. G. A. Akinbiyi called the synod to order.

He expressed his joy to the Lord Bishops present those he referred to as wonderful parishioners.

The Rt. Rev’d. E.B. Dahunsi – Diocese of Idoani.

The Rt. Rev’d. J. Ajetunmobi – Diocese of Ibadan South.

The Rt. Rev’d. Akin Atere – Diocese of Awori.

The Chancellor and other legal Officers were also warmly welcomed.

The Bishop said the opening prayer

The Processional Hymn I.O.M. 420 H.C. 578

The Colour party entered with their flag




Celebrant – The Rt. Rev’d. G. A. Akinbiyi

The Preacher – The Rt. Rev’d. E. B. Dahunsi

The First part of the Holy Communion to the prayer for the Synod and week was taken by the Diocesan The Rt. Rev’d. G. A. Akinbiyi

The Ministry of the Word

–        Old Testament reading Eccl. 11:1-8 was read by the Diocesan Chancellor.

–        Psalm 70 was read in alternate verses, led by Evang. Michael Ogunleye.

–        The Epistle Hebrew 2:1- End was read by the Rev’d M.O. Popoola.

The gradual Hymn “Salvation though, Salvation though I.O.M. 580 was Sung by all.

–        The Gospel Matthew 16:1-12 was read by The Ven. J. B. Toluwase Ajayi.







The preacher gave a short prayer in commencement of his message. He began his sermon with a chorus loved by the Diocesan of Akoko, which goes thus;

E ke Alleluyah, (2x)

Awa jogun Iku lati odo Adam

Awa si ri iye lati odo Jesu Oluwa

Eke Alleluyah.  (2x)

INTRODUCTION: He gave gratitude to God for granting all the participants opportunity to attend this year’s synod. He appreciated the Diocesan Bishop & wife, The Rt. Rev’d & Mrs. G.A Akinbiyi for the honour done him, to be invited as the guest minister for the synod for the year. Other courtesies were observed especially to the other Bishops present in the service in the person of The Rt. Rev’d. Akin Atere & The Rt. Rev’d. Jacob Ajetunmobi. He also remarked that today marked 37th wedding Anniversary of his marriage.

Theme: How shall we escape?

Text: Heb. 2:3-4


He introduced the theme as a rhetorical question, “How shall we escape”? Which does not call for an answer out rightly.

He refined salvation as the combined efforts of the trinity. He emphasized salvation as a very important thing that cannot be neglected in our journey of faith (I Tim. 1:15)

In the bane of his message, he continuously remarked that we cannot escape if we shy away from the salvation Jesus Christ brought to mankind. Many are being deceived today by the devil to continue in sin with the hope that they will escape eternal damnation. But if we must escape the wrath of God, we must be ready to repent from our sins and accept the gift of salvation Jesus Christ brought. In Mk. 43:44, Jesus emphasized that it will be terrible for anyone who rejects or neglects the great salvation. (Ps. 9:17) Rev.11: 28ff he further outlined what we are to escape from. Heb. 7:25 corroborates that it is only Jesus Christ who can save (John 14:6) with reference to Heb. 10:30-31, he strongly admonished all to take advantage of this great salvation Jesus Christ brought so as to avoid the wrath of God which consumed the people of old in the time of Noah, Sodom & Gomorrah.

Conclusively with Romans 10:1-4 & I.OM 580, Eph 2:8-9, with copious explanations and analyses he strongly admonished both Clergy & Lay to rise up to the call beckoning on us daily for salvation offered by Jesus Christ. We are to stop neglecting this great salvation which brings about good works expected of us by God.

He gave an outlined of the prospects that will help one to escape the wrath of God;

a       Admit you are a sinner (Romans 3:23)

b       Repent from your sins (Acts 2:38)

c        Believe in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:30-31)

d       Invite Jesus into your heart (Rev. 3:20).


He concluded the message at 5:27pm with a call to the people who are yet to give their lives to Jesus Christ to do so in prayers as the entire congregation stood in prayers.

  • The Nicene Creed was said together
  • The intercessory prayer was led by Rev’d S.A Odugbemi followed by the greet of peace’
  • The Ministry of the sacrament preparation to the distribution was led by the Diocesan.
  • The choristers led the choruses for offertory, the sum of N31, 830 was realized.



At the close of the service, the Diocesan Bishop appreciated God for the day. He appreciated all the bishops present who were sons of the Diocese of Akoko; Mrs. Ajetumobi all the way from London was also appreciated, the Diocesan officials present in congregation, he introduced all Legal officers especially the new registrar of the Diocese and all Synod Delegates present. The Diocesan admonished all the Synod delegates to be in attendance promptly for all programmes. He pleaded that we all need to make sacrifices during the course of the Synod as a result of the shortfall in the funds made available for the Synod of the host Archdeaconry.

The secretariat took the floor to welcome all to the Synod, the lay secretary gave notices on the accommodation arrangements and feeding arrangements for all delegates. He announced Friday as the official opening of the synod and he pleaded that all delegates make it early enough for all the programmes.

The Diocesan acknowledged the presence of the Chief Judge of Ondo State, Hon Justice Sehinde Kumuyi, he called on the colour party to pick their flags, after which the withdrawal I.O.M 498 was announced at 6:50pm to bring the service to a close.




Conductor – Oba Archdeaconry Staff.

Bible Study Leader – The Rt. Rev’d. E. B. Dahunsi.

Synod Theme “How Shall we escape?” Heb. 2:3

Bible study topic: How shall we escape?

The Opening: The Service began with I.O.M. 557, H.E 565 at exactly7.30am

The call to worship was taken by Rev’d P.F. Ogunsuyi.

Psalm 135 was taken by Rev’d P.O. Akinrinlola, it was read in alternate verses.

The first lesson Romans 2:17-End was read by Rev’d M.M. Alademomi

Hymn I.O.M. 240, H.C. 208 “I know that my Redeemer lives ….” was sung together. The creed, prayer to grace was lead by the Ven. A. A. Olorunkoya.

“The Bible everlasting book” HC 229, I.O.M. 206 was sung together.

The Bible Study: By The Rt. Rev’d E. B. Dahunsi.

He gave a short prayer at 8.02am to begin the study for the day. Courtesies were observed. The outline for Study is contained on page 15 of the Synod programme but he directed the house to the prayer on page 17 which was taken by the entire congregation to begin the study.

Text: Heb. 1:1-2ff

  • Introduction: By the given text above, he gave a background to the study stating the prominent position accorded Jesus Christ as a better offer in the midst of the laws and prophets and God instructed us to listen to him. (Col. 2:15ff). unlike the Jewish Christians who were given to traditions and customs which make it difficult for them to accept Jesus Christ as Sufficient Sacrifice for Salvation, many of us today in the Anglican Church are given too much to our traditions and customs especially in the area of giving which has made us rigid in giving generously to God at the time of thanksgiving.


He cited that from Gen. 3:23-24, man lost God’s presence because of sins and several efforts are been made by man towards returning to God but all to no avail until Jesus Christ came to save us from the very pathetic stage we were (Eph. 2:11-12,Matt. 1:21). Every sinner irrespective of his position in the society is a compound fool until he/she accepts Jesus Christ so as to be saved from the wrath of God. Salvation is defined as a great one because it stands for deliverance from all forms of dangers and bondages. He emphasized that, this great message of salvation is not only for us but to be preached to others around us who are yet to accept Jesus Christ.

He gave an outline of the entire pains and agonies Jesus went through on the cross of Calvary which made salvation such a great offer from God as contained on page 16 of the programme.

Questions for discussion were taken with the biblical references as the congregation contributed meaningful by providing edifying answers on individual basis.

In conclusion, he urged the Synod to accept Jesus Christ, for He is the only way of escape from the eternal damnation, with the prayers at the end of the study for the day on page 17 said by all to close the study at 9.05am . In prayers, he asked people convicted of their sins to put their right hand on their chest as he led them in prayers to salvation.

The collection hymn I.O.M. 390 “I gave my life to thee” was sung by the congregation. The collection N15,105 was realized and blessed by God through Ven. A.A. Olorunkoya. The benediction was pronounced by The Rt. Rev’d E.B. Dahunsi, the Bible Study Leader.

The withdrawal hymn I.O.M. 4 “Forth in thy name O Lord I go” was sung by all.


NOTICES: The Secretary thanked the conductors and reminded the congregation the time scheduled for the official opening all to be seated 15 minutes to the time. That is 9.45am.




Procession – The Clergymen, the Legal officers and The Bishop processed in at 10.00am with organ recital.

The Opening prayer was said by the President of the Synod The Rt. Rev’d G.A. Akinbiyi at 10.00am; this was followed by the Lord’s prayer said in unison. The Secretary was called upon for the roll call House of Bishop 1= 100%, House of Clergy 75=90%, House of Laity 256=66% Total = 352.

The Synod was declared opened by the President of the Synod the Rt. Rev’d. G. A. Akinbiyi at 10.20 a.m in the name of Triune God.

The Diocesan welcomed Mama Akoko Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi, Bishops present were also introduced.

The Rt. Rev’d. E.B. Dahunsi – Diocese of Idoani

The Rt. Rev’d. Olu Oke Bishop of The African Church Akoko/Idoani Diocese.

The Rt. Rev’d. Philip Adeyemo Diocese of Omu-Aran.

The Chancellor, the deputy Chancellor, and other Legal Officers were warmly welcomed. Also recognized in a special way were Chief Dr. J.O. Sanusi, Otunba Ayo Oladunni, Chief Gbolahan Ayodele, Otunba Barr. S. G. Ehindero, the auditors, Chief F. I. Ayegbusi. FRSC led by Mr Yomi Olukoju, Professor Faborode, Chief Foluso Lawani and others.

Good will messages were sent/ delivered by the following:

The Rt. Revd Olu Oke (JP) Africa Bishop of Idoani/Akoko Diocese.

–        The Rt. Revd Philip Adeyemo – The Lord Bishop of Diocese of Omu-Aran.

–        The Rt. Revd E.B. Dahunsi Diocese of Idoani

–        Chief Dr. J.O. Sanusi on behalf of Chief Ayodele Gbolahan, Otunba Barr. S.G. Ehindero, Otunba Ayo Oladunni.

–        Others included

–        Diocese of Gwagwalada, Egba West, Nnewi, Abuja, Ibadan North, Ilesa Osun North, Orlu, Egba, Calabar, Igbomina West, Ondo, Akure, Otukpo, Lagos Mainland, Esan, Zaria, Ijesa North, Ijebu South/West, Ile Oluji, Ijumu, Kabba, The Rt. Revd J.O.K. Olowokure Erelu Dr. Olusa Obada, Diocese of Ijumu, Diocese of Mina, Revd & Mrs Matthew Olajide – Canada, Mrs Joyce Ekenimoh (Bishop’s Sister-in-law) based in Lagos, H.R.M. Oba Alh. Adedeji Adejoro- The Olusupare of Supare Land.

The Rt. Revd Akin Atere was also acknowledged by the Diocesan, He gave apology for Bishop Ajetunmobi who was away for the burial of the Provost of Ilesa Diocese.



The Lord Bishop gave glory to God for granting us the grace to be in this year’s session of the Diocesan Synod.

He went further to the people of Supare Archdeaconry, the host. He welcomed all Bishops, Clergy and Laity from other Dioceses. Mama Akoko, President of Mothers’ Union, Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi.

He welcomed all legal officers, Diocesan Officials, all clergy with their wives, church workers within this Diocese. He welcomed all government functionaries.

He concluded by introducing the new Diocesan Registrar and welcome him to the Synod. He urged the Synod to support and pray for him and his family. He is Barrister Olukayode Abraham Ajulo LLB.



The President of the Synod introduced Rt. Revd Ezekiel Bolarinde Dahunsi as the Synod preacher. He went further to highlight his biography. Born in Uro-Ajowa Akoko, he went through his early education and ended up with a University Education in Benin.

His spiritual growth dated to 1985 and was elected the pioneer Bishop of Idoani in October 29th 2009.

A seasoned Church organist, a Radio Pastor, an Evangelist and an author, married and blessed with children, the Bishop thanked him for making his services available at the Synod.



The Bishop listed the challenged taking Nigeria as a nation viz.

–        The government is confussed on how to handle the various problem.

–        The naira has been grossly devalued.

–        Workers and pension are not paid

–        Young graduates are jobless

–        Downstream  oil sector deregulated leading to increase in pump price.

–        Fight against corruption is becoming a tool to decimate opposition.

–        Insecurity is escalating e.g. the murderous Fulani Herds men that need a re-invention of security apparatus.

–        The economy remains a special area of concern.

–        Nigerians continue to pay more for less hours of electricity.

With all there challenges, it is clear that the salvation of Nigeria is not in the hand of any man or a group of politicians.




The Standing Committee Meeting came up on 21st – 26th September and February 1-5 2016 respectively in Cathedral Church of St. David’s Akure and Cathedral Church of St. Bathelomew Kubwa. He thanked The host Dioceses.


Collection of St. Mathias fund was done on Feb. 28th 2016. All monies collected were remitted to Supra West.

The foundation of Church of Nigeria Secretariat was laid on Friday, 13th November 2015. All income realized on Advent Sunday for 3years must be remitted towards the secretariat project.


The Rt. Revd (Prof) Dayo Asaju was redeployed to Ajayi Crowder University as Vice Chancellor.

(d)     NEW BISHOP

Five new Bishops were elected


Four Bishops retired having reached the age of retirement.

(f)      DIVCCON

The 5th edition of Divccon was held between 9th and 13th November 2015 under the guidance of the Primate of Nigeria with the theme “Dare to be Daniel”. The 6th Edition comes up between 7th – 11th November 2016.


The battle against these vices has been on and the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion has been in the fore front. The Most Revd (Dr) Nicholas D. Okoh has recently released a statement on our stand as the church of Nigeria.


The Most Revd Dr Nicholas D. Okoh has been appointed the new Chairman of the Primates’ Council




The passing Synod has been tough economically. Nobody to sponsor last year’s Synod many churches didn’t pay Synod fees and assessment. God has been gracious and he was grateful to individual and churches that assisted “II Corin. 8:1-5”.


Though the project has not been completed he gave thanks to God for the state reached so far. He said the job has cost N57,275,000.

He enjoined the Synod to contribute generously to DACAC, pay Synod fees assessment and to launch the Bishop’s Charge with good money.

He concluded by expressing profound gratitude to donors to DACAC, the piece of land for the Abuja Building, Diocesan Engineer, Chief O.C. Ijaleye and project Committee Members.

(c)     ANNUAL DIOCESAN SPECIAL PROGRAMMES: The Bishop said that to the glory of God, in the year under review several spiritually edifying and uplifting programmes were held among which were that: (1) Diocesan Sunday school teachers seminar held at St. John’s Youth Church, Ikare on Saturday 20th June, 2015; (2) Clergy School and Retreat was held at Archbishop Vining Theological College Akure from June 29 to July 4, 2015. Medical and Evangelistic Mission that took place at Oke-Irun and a new Church was planted after the 17th to 19th July 2015 programme. Mission Resource persons workshop was held (September 25-26), Family Week Programme was held under the auspices of the Diocesan Women organizations (October 27-31, 2015)

Diocesan Jesus Carnival (DJC) was held from November 15-20. The Akoko Chapter of the Anglican Christian Fellowship (ACF Nig) was inaugurated at St. Thomas’ Church, Ese Ikare – Akoko.

(d)     EPISCOPAL SERVICES: The Diocesan stipulated that: 128 males, 215 females, totaling 343 souls were confirmed in about 14 Archdeaconries in Akoko Diocese. Enrolments of 45 Mothers’ Union members, 132 Women Guild members, and 93 Girls’ Guild members were held in 9 of the parishes in Akoko Diocese.

Furthermore, foundation laying ceremonies were held in eight (8) of the Diocesan parishes among which is the Diocesan multipurpose Hall at Bishopscourt, Ugbe Road, Ikare Akoko. 10 males and 22 females, totaling 32 Church members received the investiture and installation as church Chief in about 6 churches in Akoko Diocese.

Trinity ordination was held for 8 new Deacons and one new priest. Collation was done for two (2) Archdeacons in the Diocese (Oba and Akoko North Archdeaconries). Eight Archdeacons were transferred to new stations in the year 2016. However, institution and induction of Archdeacons were held in ten archdeaconries in the Diocese between Wednesday 15th July, 2015 to Thursday 21st April, 2016.

Finally dedication service for the Chapel of Praise Building of Greater Tomorrow College, Agbaluku Arigidi Akoko was held on 18th July 2015.

(e)     RETIRED CLERGY: Three of the Priest of Akoko Diocese have retired from active church services between the last session of Synod and now. They are the Ven. A.O.S. Obata, the Revd Canon S.O. Nwokorie and the Rev H.O. Oguntoye.

(f)      RELEASE OF THE VEN ISRAEL BOBOYE ARUWAJOYE FROM THE DIOCESE OF AKOKO: The Diocesan asked all to pray for Ven. Israel B. Aruwajoye and his family. It the end of June, 2016, he ceases to be a priest and Archdeacon of this Diocese. He has been released to any Diocese or institution that is willing to take him. The Diocesan asked the Treasurer to pay him up to date. He is wished Holy Spirit guidance.

(g)     SYMPATHY: The President of the Synod empathises with and express our condolences to those who were bereaved, among who were the families of Revd Canon & Mrs S.O. Nwokories, Chief (Mrs) Evang M.O. Rotiba and the family of Chief Dr. Olaiya Oni.

(h)     REJOICE: The Diocesan rejoiced with “those who rejoice” over God’s blessings, celebration of Birthdays, wedding anniversary, promotions, employment, peaceful retirement from active service, blessing of new born babies, recovery from sickness, admissions, graduation and new house and cars among others. He congratulated Otunba Dr. Solomon A. Oladunni on his appointment as the Pro-Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba – Akoko.

(i)      GRATITUDE: He deeply appreciated the Almighty God. He appreciated the ministers and their wives for doing their best in God’s vineyard. The Diocesan was grateful also to all Diocesan officials, leaders, coordinators and members of the various groups whose ministries God used to uplift His work during the year.

His gratitude also went to Diocesan Women organizations under Mama Akoko Mrs Stella A. Akinbiyi for their wonderful contributions, for example the foundation laying of the Diocesan hall with a take-off donation of N2.5 million on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016.

(j)      CREATION OF A NEW ARCHDEACONRY : Upon the application for the creation of a new Archdeaconry from Ikare Archdeaconry during Board & finance meeting of 21st May 2015, sequel to which IKARE NORTH ARCHDEACONRY is now officially UPDATEd comprising four churches with her headquarters in All Saints’ Church, Ilepa Ikare. Other Churches to form the New Archdeaconry are St. Andrew’s Church Ikare, St. John’s Youth Church Ikare, and Holy Trinity Church Iyame, Ikare.



He introduced the theme as a follow-up on the themes for 2012, 2014 and 2015 synod sessions namely;

  1. ­­“The preeminence and sufficiency of Christ”.
  2. “This same Jesus”
  3. “Salvation by Grace through Faith & for Good works” respectively. This year’s theme is informed as a result of the insufficient understanding demonstrated today on the subject matter of salvation, which is still been neglected or rejected by so many people today in the church.

The Epistle to the Hebrews though author unknown seeks to reveal in depth the greatness of Jesus Christ and his saving work geared towards giving us Salvation. (Heb. 1:1-4). The book points continuously to Jesus Christ as the only one sufficient for the salvation of man without any addition of any sort or kind, with Heb 2:1-4 a detailed explanation on the synod theme was made, which highlighted the following;

  1. The writer made two revelations known; the revelation of the law which came by the medium of angels and any breach of that law was followed by strict and just judgment. The other revelation came through medium of Jesus Christ, the son.
  2. A closer look was taken at the four verses of the synod text: Heb. 2:1-4; the first verse gave a picture of a drifting away deliberately from the truth into the path of  sin thereby rejecting or neglecting the great salvation Jesus Christ brought to mankind. We must disallow the devil and his cohort from robbing us of God’s truth and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to the path of truth. In verse 2, the author expressed the resultant effects of refusing the law given by the angels and that if the refusal of the message then was not left unpunished how much more the reflect of such a great salvation offered by a Superior Being in the person of Jesus Christ would be met with greater punishment.
  3. The author’s emphasized on salvation as “such a great salvation is meant to distinguish it from many other kinds of salvation offered in the ancient world. Then this tells us three things about this salvation;
  4. The first thing is that it came directly from Jesus Christ Himself. This gospel message of such eternal significance was declared at first by the Lord Jesus Christ in several passages of the gospels made the message of salvation known to all who came to him.
  5. The second point about this salvation is that, it was confirmed to us by those who heard him. If we must pass the message of salvation to others then we must have embraced and accepted the message as presented by apostolic successions. We should avoid distortions of this salvation message as it is the case of most of the churches of today.
  • The third and very important point is that this gospel effected signs and wonders and manifold deeds of power. The message of this salvation did not rely solely on human testimony for its reality. God Himself confirmed its veracity by demonstrating its power. This gospel is still the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith (Rom. 1:16). The ultimate object of Christianity is to make bad men good; and the proof of real Christianity is the fact that it changes the lives of the people. Although overtime there have been several distortions of the gospel message of Christ prominent among the distortions going around today is the ideas abstinence from the use of ear rings, necklaces, wedding finger rings brings salvation while the use of them lead to hell. We are to avoid such distortions.

Conclusively, the synod theme seeks to remind us of the dangers of neglecting or distorting the great salvation the Lord Jesus Christ has provided through his once and for all sacrifice for sin of the world. The salvation must not be neglected because of the superiority of Jesus Christ who is the author of the salvation over all those who have ever been involved in bringing any message of salvation to men. Jesus Christ is superior to the angels (Heb. 1:4, 2:18). He is superior to the prophets (Heb.1:1-19). He is superior to Moses (Heb. 3:1-19), He is superior to Joshua (Heb. 4:1-16), He is superior to Aaron (Heb.5:1-10). The writer of Hebrews also sounds the following warnings;

  1. Warning against disregarding God’s word (Heb. 2:1-4)
  2. Warning against doubting God’s word (Heb 3:2-19)
  3. Warning against departing from God’s word (Heb 5:1; 6:20)

Finally, we must all know that men and women cannot escape from a just retribution if they disregard the Christ who made their salvation possible and who ultimately will be their judge. Great judgment, eternal punishment and everlasting condemnation await those who drift away from this complete and perfect great salvation. (Heb.10:28 -31).


The Chancellor appreciated the thought provoking, Spirit filled, and the challenging Charge delivered by the Diocesan. He prayed that God will fill him with more power and knowledge to do more exploit in the vineyard of God. He made some comments on the Bishop’s Charge and encouraged members of the Synod not to neglect the great salvation provided by Jesus Christ in order to avert the condemnation. He commended the Charge to all and encouraged all to purchase one in order to encourage the expansion of the kingdom of God. He encouraged all to further contribute tremendously towards the launching of the charge.

The Diocesan welcomed The Lord Bishop of Estako Diocese, the Rt. Rev’d J. O. B. Bada, who gave a brief good will message and launched with #100,000 (Hundred thousand naira only).



The names of those who launched The Rt. Rev. Gabriel Akinbiyi Charge with the amount follows below:      

1 Rt. Rev. J. Ajetumobi 20,000 Cheque
2 Rt. Rev. & Mrs A. A. Akinbiyi 25,000 Cheque
3 Rt. Rev. Philips Adeyemo    
4 Rt. Hon. Bakita Bello 50,000  
5 Rt. Rev. Bada J. O. B.        100,000 Cheque
6 Otunba Solomon Oladunni 100,000  
7 Chief J. O Sanusi 250,000  
8 Prof. & Dr. Mrs. M. Faborode 50,000  
9 Rt. Rev. E. B. dahunsi 20,000  
10 Rt. Hon. Victor Olabintan 50, 000  
11 Royal Highness Olusupare 20,000  
12 Chief & Mrs GbolahanAyodele 250,000  
13 Rt. Rev. & Dr. Johnson Atere 50,000  
14 Chief Sunday Ehindero 100,000        
15 Women Organisation Akoko Diocese 150,000  
16 Rt. Rev. Olu-Oke 5,000  
17 Prince Latunde 100,000  
18 Anonymous 20,000  
19 Chief Salami Opike 5,000  
20 Diocese of Ijumu 5,000  
21 Mr A. I. Owolo 25,000  
22 Mr Obafemi Bukola 5,000  
23 Chief Aduloju S. O. 1,000  
24 Mr bolaleyeAyodeji 5,000  
25 Margret Lennon day Care 100,000  
26 Lay readers Association 10,000  
27 Mr NiyiAwotumoluyi (FBN) Ikare 6,000  
28 Mr Ayo Salako 1,000  
29 Ven& Mrs A. B. Oni 25,000  
30 AYF Akoko 5,000  
31 Evang. Mrs Omoniyi 2,000  
32 Mr Abayomi Olukoju 50,000  
33 Barr. Femi & Chief Mrs Ajayi 5,000  
34 Barr. S. Agunloye 5,000  
35 Mr L. A. Rogbitan 2,200  
36 ACF – Akoko Chap 10,000  
37 Clergy Akoko Diocese 50,000  
38 Rev & Mrs E. S. Oyelowo 1,000  
39 Greater Tomorrow 50,000  
40 Chief D.O Olorunsola 2,000  
41 Chief Mrs Lawani 1,000  
42 Chief Mrs omoteloye (IyaIjo St. James) 10,000  
43 Mrs D. Adedoyin 1,000  
44 Rev. Cannon Alademohinola 2,000  
45 Supare Archdeaconry Lay readers 2,000  
46 Ven. & Mrs E. A. Adeniyi 2,000  
47 Major Art. Bada 5,000  
48 Rev. & Mrs O. O. Kosemani 2,000  
49 Mr Bode Ajigbolamu 5,000  
50 Akoko Diocesan Clergy Wives 100,000 Pledge
51 Chief Felix Ayegbusi 5,000  
52 Rev. 7 Mrs oloruntoba 2,000  
53 Chief T. O mise 5,000  
54 Rev. &Mrs.Adesegun 2,000  
55 Pa. Oloruntomi 1,000  
56 Chief Mrs. F. O. Williams 1,000  
57 Rev. & Mrs E. OluOgundele 2,500  
58 Sup. Isaac Oludogun 5,000  
59 Can &mrs.Oke 2,000  
60 Chief Dr E. K. Clerk 100,000  
61 Registrar of the Diocese 100,000  
62 Chapel of Praise, Agbaluku 10,000  
63 Prince AdewaleIpinlaye 1,000  
64 Mr Joseph 2,000  
65 Rev. & Mrs ogunmodede 2,000  
66 Mrs D. O. Saba 1,000  
67 Chief J. O Aribisala 2,000  
  E. T. C    


Total money realized was:

Cash: Four Hundred and Fifteen Thousand, Seven Hundred and Twenty Naira Only (₦415,720)

Cheque: One Million, Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira Only (₦1,360,000)

Total: One Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand, Seven                      Hundred and Twenty Naira Only (₦1,755,720)

The Chancellor gave the vote of thanks, he thanked all for their contributions.

“Faith of our Fathers” IOM 402 was sung together. The official opening, reading and launching of the Bishop’s Charge was brought to a close with prayers said by the Diocesan and the benediction pronounced at 1:55pm.

Few announcements were made by the Diocesan as regards the lunch, the house to return at 3:00pm.




The afternoon session reconvened at 3.00pm with the Bishop taking a roll-call of clergy towards ensuring expected attendance of clergy. After a short prayer to begin the session, by the Diocesan Bishop, he called on the secretariat for the Secretary’s Reports as outlined on pg 36 of the Synod Programme. The report as read by the Lay Secretary Mr. Akin Ayodele highlighted the following:

(a)     Praises to God for the goodness of God towards our nation despite the changing scenes of the Nation. Appreciation of the Diocesan & wife, The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. G.A. Akinbiyi for their unending labour, Supare Archdeaconry especially the host Church, St. James’ Church Supare & he welcomes all delegates to the Synod for the year.

(b)     A mention was made on the one of the visions of the Diocese of Akoko especially making the Diocese a christocentric  one which has informed the theme of our Synod for this year in the Diocese.

(c)     The activities of Diocesan Jesus Carnival for 2015 was highlighted with gratitudes to God for His immense blessings on all attendees.

(d)     Towards making Akoko Diocese, a self supporting Diocese, the various measures put in place towards realizing this goal were highlighted and the level of successes of these measures reported are Church Assessments, DACAC, SYNOD FEES, INVESTMENTS IN REAL PROPERTIES, (Diocesan Building Project at Abuja and Rufus Giwa Memorial Anglican College, Ibaram/Iyani).

(e)     The various efforts and activities of Evangelical outreaches made in the past years were spelt out and the prospect of having an evangelical bus was expressed.

(f)      The report on the clergy and the congregation reflected the transfer made especially among the Archdeacons to different Archdeaconry seats. The proposals for seminars and workshops towards training of churches and the ministers were mentioned as a way helping to build a mutual relationship between the clergy and members.

(g)     The clergy welfare and the Diocesan packages of welfare were highlighted and the private appreciations of Canons and Archdeacons by Otunba Solomon A.Oladunni was not left out.

(h)     On the Administrative structure the vacancy for the office of the Accountant of HND graduate was highlighted, the approval of Ikare North Archdeaconry and the outline of the hosting rights given to some Archdeaconries seats to span from 2017 to 2021 were highlighted also.

(j)      The Bishop’s welfare, the gift of a retirement house has been determined and is been carried out at the Bishop home at Oke-Igbo. A total Sum of N12.4m has committed to the curse till date.

Also on the wedding ceremonies of the Bishop’s daughter and Mama Akoko’s 60th birthday celebration the sum of N858,000 was committed   towards supporting the Diocesan.

–        The new Diocesan Registrar of the Diocese, in the person of Barr. Olukayode A. Ajulo and the return of H.E. Erelu Olusola Obada as Diocesan Assistant registrar was also reported.

–        The first sets of students under the Train-A-Priest (T.A.P.) Programme graduates June this year.

–        The progress at the Diocesan multi-purpose hall going on n the Diocesan Headquarters.

Other events touching on the retirement of clergy and relief of a clergy of the Diocese was mentioned. The loses experienced among clergy children and some lay members were mentioned likewise.

Conclusively the report made passionate appeals to the Synod for individual financial participation in one or more of the following schemes of the Diocese, DACAC, Evangelism, Rufus Giwa Memorial Anglican College, Ibaram/Iyani, T.A.P, Diocesan Building project, Clergy Appreciation and Diaspora Harvest.

At the end of his report, the secretary was greeted with a round of applause from the congregation. The Diocesan appreciated him and demanded responses from the congregation on the report. Rt. Hon. Dr. Bakita Bello rose to move the motion for the acceptance of the secretary’s report and it was seconded by Chief S.A. Aduloju.

After an extensive discussion of some vital points of the report, Mr. Blessing Aboginije moved for the adoption of the report and Evang. Mrs. R. O. Omoniyi seconded it.

The Diocesan admonished us at our time of leisure to look through the reports at our privacy.

A Short break for a praise session was called for, so as to strengthen the congregation readily seated for a while.


FINANCIAL/AUDITORS’ REPORTS:  The Diocesan called on the Auditors with the treasurer to take the floor for the presentations of the financial reports for the year.

The treasurer gave his report as outlined on pg. 3 of the Diocese of Akoko Accounts for the year ended 31st Dec., 2015.

The report highlighted the followings.

(a)     Income                                                      N116,347,910

(b)     Expenditure                                              N102,544,999

(c)     Excess of Income over Expenditure      N13,802,911

(d)     Investment                                                          N25,960,837

(e)     Diocesan House in Abuja                       N35,350,000

(f)      Advance Assessment                             N2, 961,705

(g)     Arrears of Assessment                                     N52,317,565

(h)     Bank Balances                                         N15,965,526


In comparism with the previous year, payment of assessment in the year under review has decreased drastically which is not too good for the Diocese. Nevertheless, the salaries and allowances of workers were paid up in the year.

On Diocesan house in Abuja, a reasonable sum has been committed to the project as work is still on-going.

On DACAC and endowment funds, the responds from Churches is on a downward slope.

Finally the treasurer appreciated the Diocesan Bishop Clergy and the Churches at large for their inputs financially in the year under review.

(b) Auditors Reports: – Chief Dr. J.O. Adebiyi took the floor to present the Auditors Reports. He directed the house to page II of the Accounts to correct an error on note 5. He asked that the gaps be closed up.

On page 15 note 14, the gaps are to be closed up too.

On page 20 corrections were made on figures.

The auditor registered his displeasure on the printing of Accounts as it does not reflect what they originally gave to the printer. The Diocesan apologized for the error stressing that no more payment will be made to the Printer as the general printing work done for the Synod is not satisfactory.

The Auditor, Chief Dr. J.O. Adebiyi read their reports as outlined on page 5 of the Diocese of Akoko Accounts for the year 2015.

The details of the audited reports highlighted the followings: –

  • The balance sheets as at 31st Dec, 2015 reflecting Assets, Current Assets, Current liabilities, Accumulated Fund and pension and gratuity Fund on page 7 of the Diocese of Akoko Accounts.
  • An analysis on the income and expenditure for the year 2015 are well-spelt out on page 8 of the Accounts of the Diocese. The total income for the year stood at N116,347,910, while the expenditure stood at N102,544,999 leaving the Diocese with an excess income over expenditure of N13,802,911.

At the end of his presentations, the Diocesan asked for applause from the congregation in appreciations of the auditors, the motion for acceptance for discussion of the accounts for discussion was moved by Chief Foluso Lawani and Chief Aduloju A. seconded the motion. After several clarifications of ambiguities cited in the accounts, Chief Remi Oni moved the motion for the adoption of the accounts and is seconded by Mr. J.O. Jato The Diocesan gave the floor to Dr. Balogun F.O. to appreciate the Auditors and Treasurers for a job well done. The Diocesan could not hide his joy for a job well done by the auditors and treasurer as he thanked them copiously.  He informed the house that, the auditors had recommended that the Diocese get a qualified accountant who is computer literate to do the job better as, Mr. Oladele Oni will be redeployed to another Session. An interview has been conducted and an accountant with an account clerk will be employed soonest.

The Diocesan asked the Secretariat to take the floor to read the minutes of the proceedings done so far as against the group’s work on Scheduled in the programme.

The Bishop called on Group 2 for their presentation since the Secretariat minutes were not available.

The Secretary of the group Ven. T.O. Adebiyi took the floor to make group two report on Diocesan organizations. The report is spelt out on page 34 and pages 97-119 of the Synod programme.

The areas highlighted for the attention of the Synod included

  • Attendance of Family Week should be taken seriously by couples in the Diocese.
  • Rentage of mattresses is now N70 per night.
  • Patronage of the truck by Women’s Organisation for convience and easy transportation.
  • Members are encouraged to attend all Evangelical/Programmes by the Diocese and financial supports from members for the Programmes are inevitable.

(7) The various evangelical Programmes of the youths at the Diocesan level were reported and the Synod is encouraged to give our youths at various Church levels prominent involvement in one Church Services.

(8) Activities of other organizations of the Diocese like B.B., EFAC, Medical and Missions outreach, and I.C.T, and the Synod is implored to give financial and moral supports to them.

Mr. Isaac Olodogun moved the motion for the discussion of the report and is seconded by Mr. Tosin Oguntomiluyi.


Sequel to the reading of the report of group 2 by Ven. T.O. Adebiyi and the observation of one of the delegates that the presentation is devoid of members contribution, the Bishop therefore ask all the groups (1 to 4) should meet tonight and present their group reports accordingly after collective deliberation. The earlier report presented by the Secretary of group 2 has equally been cancelled.

Notices were given by the lay Secretary. The Diocesan allocated positions to the various groups to meet on the assignments given them. Ven. J.O. Idowu moved the motion for adjournment of proceedings and it was supported by Mr. Blessing Aboginije. The Diocesan thanked all for their Co-operations and he urged all the groups to meet immediately. The doxology was sung by all, as the Diocesan gave a short prayer to close the day at 7.33pm.



























Rev’d E.S. Oyelowo welcomed all and announced the hymn CH 8 page 12 in the programme.

Call to worship by Rev’d E.S. Oyelowo.

Psalm 138 was read in alternate verses led by The Rev’d A.K. Akintade.

1st lesson Romans 3:1-20 was read by Rev’d A.O. Idowu.

H.C 672, IOM 535 “Behold the throne of grace” was sung by all.

The Creed, Prayers to grace was taken by The Rev’d E. S. Oyelowo, H.C. 295: God moves in a mysterious way” was sung by all.


The Bible Study: By The Rt. Rev’d. E. B. Dahunsi.

Time: 7.35am


The Bible Study leader, Rt. Rev. E.B. Dahunsi gave a short prayer to begin the study of the day. He introduced the study with an explanation of the day commemorating St. Barnabas Day. He spoke of the life of Barnabas as one who after obtaining Salvation was sold out to giving his resources for the work of God. When one’s Salvation is genuine, the issue of giving to God would not be a burden for us.

Text:  Jude 1:5-15, 2Pet.2:4-11, 2Pet.3:8-9. In the core of the Study, he admonished the congregation to be mindful of God’s judgment that is ever imminent on the sinner. The events and happenings all around us today, point to the fact that the coming of the Lord is here. Many people today are neglecting Salvation despite the way the message is been sounded all the time, some of the reasons are:

  • Ignorance of Salvation – Jude 4:19-24 (b) Complacency and indifference to the matter of eternity (Rev. 3:15-17) (c) Procrastination – Acts 24:24-25.

(d)Deliberate refusal to know the truth – Rom.1:28

(e)Misplacement of priorities – Matt. 6:31-33.

The consequences of neglecting Salvation is also spelt out as follow:

  • God will judge all without partiality – Rom.2:3-11
  • Jesus will judge the world – Jh.5:22-23 because God has handed all things unto His hands.
  • It leads to eternal damnations – Jh.3:17.
  • All our works will receive appropriate rewards – Rev. 22:11.

We can only escape when we take the following steps.

  • Our Salvation in Jesus Christ has to be true and thorough – Acts 8:9-13
  • The fruits of our genuine repentance must be obvious to all – Matt.3:7-9.
  • Living a holy and righteous life is a must – Heb. 12:12.
  • Our readiness for His coming must be consistent and constant, be alert – I Thess.1:9-10.
  • Ours must not be mere profession of Christ but real possession of Christ – Matt. 7:21.

Questions for discussion were taken to further buttress the fundamentals of Salvation.

Conclusively he asked all the Ministers of God not to tie the aprons of their ministry to any man as long as we are genuinely saved and called.

Finally, he gave a call for all that are yet to give their lives to Christ, to do so immediately because a delay could be dangerous.

With Hymn I.O.M 52, been sung together by all, he led the congregation through a prayer session at 8.45am.

With the Hymn I.O.M. 427, the collection for the service was taken, the sum of N16, 715.00 was realized. The Rt. Rev’d. E. B. Dahunsi blessed the offering and he gave the closing prayer.

The Rev. E.S. Oyelowo announced the Closing Hymn I.O.M. 360 to bring the service to a close at 8.52am. The dismissal was said by the Rev’d. E. S. Oyelowo.           The lay Secretary took the floor to give few notices for the day; he appreciated the Bible Study leader for the inspiring ministration.

The Lord Bishop also appreciated the Bible Study leader, welcomed Ven. A.B. Oni and prayed on the breakfast.


The morning Session, reconvened after the breakfast with choruses by the Diocesan and short prayer to resume the Session at 9.45am. The Diocesan welcomed all back to the Session; he commended the Christian Hints Magazine and the Book of Common Prayer for all the members of the Synod to get copies. He ordered that as from July every Clergyman should adopt the new liturgy in the conduct of worship in every Church and everyone should master the liturgy so as to avoid unnecessary embellishment in the course of the Service. He appreciated all for taking active part in the groups’ work scheduled for the previous day.

On the paper presentation, the presenter sent in an apology because he would be unavailable to deliver the assignment, therefore there is no paper presentation.

The Diocesan therefore called on Group 1 to make their report presentation.

The Chairman of the Group, Mr. E.O. Ajigbolamu made the presentation of the summary of the Cathedral and Archdeaconries reports, requiring the attention of the Synod.

But the Diocesan expressed his displeasure at the presentation because it was not comprehensive enough, therefore Group 1 was asked to go and do a thorough job.

Group 2 presentations was made by Ven. T.O. Adebiyi on giving a summary of Diocesan organizations on pages 34, 97-119 of the Synod Programme and the areas demanding the Synod attention.

The motion for acceptance of the report for Diocesan was moved by Oluwatoyin Eniola and seconded by Mr. Akin Ayodele.

In discussing the reports, on women Programmes, the Diocesan expressed his displeasure over the idea of couples leaving apart in the name of pursuing careers at different location, he sounded a note of warning to Clergy whose wives are not with them and that any deacon whose wife is not with him would not be Priested.

The Dean rose to appreciate the efforts of the women organizations.

On Diocesan Evangelistic Programmes, many layreaders and Synod members are not always in good attendance some responded that insufficient publicity makes it difficult for them to attend. The Diocesan therefore instructed the Clerical Secretary to write to all Diocesan Officials and be ready to give financial supports towards the DJC.

The date for this year’s Carnival is slated for Dec. 4th-9th on Archdeaconry basis while Dec. 10, 2016 is for the grand finale at the Bishopscourt Ugbe road, Ikare Akoko.

On the non-challant attitudes of PCC members, Synod delegates and Diocesan Official to Diocesan power Night. The Bishop urged the Synod for more commitment in this respect.

On the promiscuous lifestyle of some Clergymen and the Commercializing of Church buses which is meant for missions. He berated the idea of Church workers using the Church bus for personal business at the expense of the Church funding it. After some contributions the Diocesan ruled that no further comments be taken on the matter.

On youth oriented Programmes, the Diocesan asked for the areas the youths wanted an improvement.

In response, the issue of sponsoring the transportation of reasonable number of youths to the National youth Bible Conference. The Diocesan appealed to the Clergy and Lay members of the Synod to please give priorities to providing buses for the movement of youths to National Conference when the need arises.

The need to get a bus dedicated for youth work and Diocesan Evangelical Programmes are also raised, the Diocesan implored the Synod to rise to the great challenge.

On musical classes with the rich Anglican heritage being resuscitated. The Diocesan requested for people who can read musical notes, the Cathedral organist Mr. Stephen Ojo Olaogbebikan and Mrs. Grace Falua were asked to make a proposal for a musical class for the Diocese.

On payment of EFAC annual subscription fees to be financed by the Church, the Diocesan appealed to the Churches to give necessary support to the body.

On B.B, the Diocesan asked those concerned to go and put their house in order.

On Ojeka Farm: – The Diocesan called on Ven. F.T. Akerele and the Diocesan treasurer to give report on the activities of the farm. Ven. F.T. Akerele requested for more financial support in order to get more seedlings for an elaborate farming which will be of greater profit to the Diocese in the nearest future. After several deliberations, the Diocesan requested the Committee to go and do a thorough job on the land clearing and demarcation, to make way for planting of seedlings.

On medical Mission and Evangelism: – The Diocesan called on the Chairman of the team to brief the house on the piece of land he got in Oke-Irun towards founding a roof for the Church just founded there. The Chairman of the Committee reported that two pieces of land have been secured and it’s the area of surveying and plan drawing for the land that is solicited for.

The Diocesan therefore ordered that money be released towards the request made and the Diocesan surveyor be informed to do the drawing.

Also indulgence was sought by the Diocesan to spend more money towards re-roofing the new Church building at Eriti since the building was not properly done.


Group 3 report:- brief summary of Diocesan institution and External reports on pages 121-143 of the programme at was read by Evang (Mrs) R.O. Omoniyi.

After the presentation, comments were made on the following points raised.

(a)     Rufus Giwa College: The Diocesan called on the committee members of the School to step forward. After several deliberations, the Synod resolved that a new principal be employed to resume duty as the principal of the College. Also that the Sum of One Million naira for the School from the purse of the Diocese. A Synod delegate from Greater Tomorrow Chapel,Mr. Titus Oluwole Falaya was co-opted into the committee by the Diocesan. The Synod admonished the committee to do everything possible to sell the image of the School to the outside world as appeals were made to members to patronize the College.

(b)     On the reports of theological Colleges, the Immanuel College of Theological, Ibadan has refused to send its reports to the Diocese. Mrs. Janet Murorun moved the motion for the adoption of the report and was seconded by Chief Mrs. C.F. Ajagunna with programme that  will touch on the lives of the member.

On Vacant seats in Irun Archdeaconry and some other Churches, the Diocesan educated the house that the Diocese is short staffed and that the Synod members should contribute immensely in T.A.P project so as to raise more workers for the Diocese.

On evangelism and visitation, the Diocesan implored the Priest not to take it with levity because its an essential part of our worship / service.

Archdeaconry Assessments;- The Diocesan requested why many Churches are not paying and the house chorused insufficient fund, but the Bishop admonished them to make the payment a priority too.

Chief Dr. J.O. Adebiyi appeals that the Archdeaconries reports should be standardized and harmonized to make for good statistics. The Bishop corroborated the idea too, urging all Archdeacons to take it into considerations. Having said all, the motion for the adoption of the report was moved by Ven. T.O. Adebiyi and seconded by Evang Mrs. R.O. Omoniyi. The Bishop appreciated the group.

He called for a lunch break to reconvened at 3.30pm. He gave a short prayer to bless the lunch at 2.40pm.



After the lunch break, the Diocesan reconveyed the house at 3.30pm with Choruses of praises been sung by all, before beginning the session with a short prayer.

Announcements were given by the Diocesan bothering on purchase of the Christian Hints Magazine for N500 and Synod delegates are encouraged to launch the Bishop’s Charge.

The Diocesan called on communiqué group to make presentation of their final draft. The Secretary of the group in the person of Evang. Paul Ilegbusi made the final presentation. After several corrections, the motion for the adoption of the communiqué was moved by Mr. Adegboyega Asala and seconded by Mrs. Janet Murorun. It is to be published in the Sun Newspaper.



  1. Chief Tunde Badare raised the need for all to be security conscious, giving some security hints and exercise tips towards ensuring a healthy living.
  2. The Bishop announced a vacancy for a house help who is morally upright, born again, she must be able to cook good foods and wash clothes. The Bishop does not want an old woman neither does he need a very young girl.
  3. Mr. Oguntomiluyi Tosin suggested that we should reduce emphasis on girls and women. He wanted the Diocese to have a fellowship for men that will enhance their spiritual and physical development. The Bishop responded that the primate has written a letter to all Dioceses to commence the male fellowships such as – Fathers’ fellowship, and Boys’ Guild in all our Dioceses.

The Bishop says a letter will soon go to all our parishes to this effect. The brother also wanted Anglican Children fellowship to be activated.

  1. Mr. Adetunji T.F. suggested that there should be Youth Empowerment Scheme in our Diocese. He wanted a more educative message from the Clergy that will meet the present challenges of our time. The Bishop complained about some youths who were empowered in the past but eventually disappointed the Diocese. The youths are to meet and present their needs to the Diocese through the Youth Chaplain.
  2. Mr. Olubayode David Sunday commented on the Ojeka farm. He encouraged the Synod to plant cashew and Moringa for their commercial value. He demanded for a more pro-active house-to-house Evangelism in the Diocese.

The Bishop supported this view but complained of absence of youths during such similar exercises in the past.

  1. Ven. Olusakin A.O. complained about the rate at which Christians are being brutalized and news about Christian persecution is being turned into mockery on air. He suggested a peaceful protest nationwide. The Bishop admonished all Anglican members to take their stand in Christianity before you can confront opposition.
  2. Mr. Aboginije from St. Andrew’s Akunu Anglican Church gave a testimony of the escape from the kidnappers den of three members of their Church, after a vigorous vigil. He said this to show the efficacy of the God we serve in Anglican.
  3. Mr. Asala Gboyega (a youth) demanded for a better approach towards visitation and monitoring of our Church members especially our youths. Some of them are not visited when sick or absent from Church activities. He demanded for more of our Anglican members to be fixed up as lecturers so as to be of influence admission of some of them intending to study in Adekunle Ajasin University. The Bishop challenged the youth to play their own part and organize themselves to do visitation rather than blaming the Clergy all the time.

The Diocesan therefore invited the secretariat for the reading of the minutes.

Mr. Isaac Olodogun moved the motion for the acceptance of the minutes and seconded by Mrs. V.B. Oloruntoba.

The Diocesan called the attention of the house to some pages for correction Mr. Awe Babatunde moved the motion for the adoption of minutes and seconded by Rev. Rotimi Adelaya at 7.32pm. The Bishop asked the Secretariat to include the vote of thanks.
The vote of thanks was read by Bro. A. A. Ibitolu. The Diocesan on behalf of the Diocese rose to appreciate, the Vicar of the host Church and all the members of the L.O.C, the entire Churches to the Archdeaconry, the Clergy and wives, the former Vice Chancellor of OAU Ife Mr. Faborode who accommodated the Bishop, the medical team, the Kitchen Staff, the Diocesan medical adviser for donating drugs during the Synod, delegates for their patience and maturity

The Diocesan instructed that we should all avail ourselves for the Synod thanksgiving service slated for the following day. Admonished members to get the Christian Hints Magazine and the Book of Common Prayer. He also appreciated the Chancellor and legal Officers of the Diocese.

Notices were given by lay Secretary at 7.53pm the Diocesan led the Congregation on the hymn, To God be the Glory and gave a Closing Prayer to bring the proceedings of the day to a Close at 7.55pm.