When Christianity came to Ikare in 1896, there were four centres of active independent congregations viz Okela, Okeruwa, okorun and Ekan.  The congregation at okela had its origin in the evangelicalistic short exercise of one interant preacher by name Mr. Ibileru in 1898.   In 1906 before Rev. H.F. Gane from Owo paid his first visit in 1910, there is a central place of worship to encourage unity and stability for Ikare Christians had been decided upon.   Okeruwa which was most central was chosen, specially because it had more men who could conduct services and give leadership to the young congregation amidst the strong persecution of the heathen elders of the time.  Okela congregation then became an arm of St. Stephen’s Church, Okeruwa, Ikare.  In 1913 to 1917, the Anglican policy of Monogamy was strongly stressed, the Okorun congregation left the Church to form the African Church (Bodawa) and Ekan congregation first changed to Methodist church and later to African church denomination.  The Okela and Okeruwa faithfully remain an Anglican.   In year 1925 when Rev. L. A. Lennon noticed that the long distance of Okela from the church constituted a problem to punctuality and good attendance at Evensong, Morning Services and Prayer Meetings.  He therefore in 1934, he spoted out a place were to build a small church for easy attendance to church programmes and thereafter a church was erected that same year.   In 1935 Rev. Fasan dedicated the Church building for Church Services and prayer meeting.  Theb foundation of St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, Eshe was laid on March 22, 1960 by Bishop I.O.S. Okusanya and was dedicated by Bishop E.O. Idowu on the 25th May, 1979.  The first Church worker was Mr. A.B. Jegede 1957 – 1959 and the incumbent Vicar is Ven. P. O. Fadare 2010 to date.



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