Mother’s Union Conference

Mother’s Union Conference

Mother's Union Conference

The 30th Annual Mother’s Union Conference was held at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Odo Irun, Ondo State between Friday 18th to Sunday 20th May, 2018 with the theme “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into Temptation” Matt. 26:41. The Conference was led by Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi, Mama Akoko and Mama Province. The conference was filled with a lots of activities such as Bible Study, bible quiz, Pick and Act, Talk, Health Talk, Elections of Officers, Irun on stage, Group discussion on different topics, Presidential Address by Mama Akoko, Launching of the Presidential Address and Omowumi Magazine, Variety Night and Thanksgiving Service.

Day One began with the Holy Communion Service led by Ven. A. O. Olusakin and assisted by all the Clergy in the Archdeaconry. The Ven. A. O. Olusakin in his sermon on the theme, he called the attention of the delegates to 3 things they are to be watchful of which were:
(1) Luke warmness – Matt. 26:38-40
(2) Not to be deceived – Mark 14:34 – 37, 38
(3) Backsliding
He emphasized on the kingdom of God and enjoined them to be steadfast and wait for the second coming of Jesus. At the end of the Holy Communion Service, the President of the Women Organization in Akoko Diocese, Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi welcomed the delegates both new and old to the conference and enjoined the behave while in conference. The Hostess, Mrs. Olusakin, also welcome them all and mentioned various places people will lodged in throughout the conference.
At the end of the service, Bible Quiz led by Revd. Canon A. B. Awoneye while the Pick and Act was led by Chief Mrs. Faith Iwaloye. Election of new officers were held successful and Ven. Olusakin prayed for them. Archdeaconries and the Cathedral were grouped into 4 categories were leaders and secretary were appointed. Irun on state followed as they displayed in their traditional outfit. Prayer Session was led by Prayer and Spirituality Unit.

The Day Two programme started very early around 6.00am, the Morning Prayer/Bible Study was led by Revd. E. O. Julius between 7.00am – 9.00am. The Presidential Address was delivered by Mama Akoko & Mama Ondo, were Goodwill Messages were delivered by Sisters Dioceses from Ondo, Idoani, Owo, Ekiti, Ekiti West, etc. Launching of Address & Omowunmi Magazine. Mrs. T. O. Komolafe delivered a talk on “A Woman of Good Understanding” while Health Talk on “Current Issues on Nutrition” by Mr. A. B. Ojo. Variety Night was done.

Day Three of the Conference also started at 6.00am dot on personal devotion while Revd. E. O. Julius led the Bible Study. The Thanksgiving Service was led by the Diocesan Bishop and Archbishop of Ondo Province, The Most Revd. G. A. Akinbiyi, M.Th (London), Trophies were presented and Thanksgiving Archdeaconries by Archdeaconries and the Cathedral, Diocesan Officials and Mama Akoko and Mama Ondo.

Diocesan Ladies & Girl’s Guild Conference

Diocesan Ladies & Girl’s Guild Conference

Diocesan Ladies & Girl's Guild conference

The Annual Akoko Diocesan Ladies & Girl’s Guild Conference was held between Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th April, 2018 holding at Rufus Giwa Secondary School, Ibaram/Iyani with the theme “Remember your Creator in the Days of Your Youth” Eccl. 12:1 by Mrs. Stella A. Akinbiyi, Mama Akoko and Mama Ondo and hosted by Ogbagi Archdeaconry.

Day One (Thursday) – The Welcome Holy Communion Service was conducted by the Hosting Archdeaconry led by Ven. P. O. Ogunleye and the Camp Chaplains. The President welcome all the Ladies and Girls who were at the Camp and solicit for their cooperation. The match pass was by Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry and the Cathedral at the School field. The Discussion One was anchored by Mrs. O. O. Awoneye on “The Dangers of Internet Friendship, Dating and Marriage.” Ogbagi Archdeaconry (Host) was on stage to performed traditional dance. Variety Night was done Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry.

Day Two (Friday) – The Camp started at 6.00am with rising and cleaning. Morning Prayer/Bible Study was led by Revd. Tayo Ologun on the theme. Talk One was handled by Mrs. Folakemi Eke on “Standing Firm in Times like This.” Bible Quiz was handled by Revd. E. O. Ogundele while Pick and Act was handled by Mrs. O. B. Ajose at the same time. Mid-day prayer was handled by Miss Fogof’Oluwa (Oka Archdeaconry). Catching the Train was done Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry. Practical on how to tie Head Tie led by Mrs. O. O. Awowole, Mrs. Popoola and Mrs. Olaniyan. Physical Exercise was led by Mrs. Ogunleye, Mrs. Olowolagba, Mrs. Ologunode and Mrs. Oluwasuji. Discussion Two on “Can Education alone solve the Social Life.” By Mrs. V. O. Agunbiade. The Day two ended with Variety Night done Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry.

Day Three (Saturday) – The Camp started at the dot of 6.00am with rising /cleaning. The Morning Prayer /Bible Study led by Revd. Tayo Ologun. Mrs. K. E. Olaremu delivered the Talk Two on “Do not be distracted” while Talk Three was delivered by Mrs. S. O. Oke on “Seek what Satisfies.” Physical Exercise was also observed. Competition on Tie and Dye was done Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry including the Cathedral of which external moderators were call upon to screen and award marks. The Health Talk on “Meningitis” was delivered by Mrs. B.A. Olorunkoya and day three was rounded off by Variety Night on Archdeaconry by Archdeaconry.

Day Four (Sunday) – The Day 4 started at the usual time of 6.00am. The Morning Prayer was led by Revd. E. O. Ogundele (Camp Chaplain). The Thanksgiving Service was conducted by the Diocesan Bishop and Archbishop of Ondo Province, The Most Revd. G. A. Akinbiyi and assisted by the Archdeacon of Ogbagi, Ven. P. O. Ogunleye, Ogbagi Archdeaconry Staffs and Camp Chaplains. The Bishop preached the sermon and encourage the ladies and girls not to give in to sexual immoralities and other inordinate sins that can take them away from their God and Lord Jesus Christ.
Trophies and Prizes were awarded to the best three i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd on different competitions. The Conference was brought to a close by the Camp Chaplain, The Revd. E. O. Ogundele.