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The 2nd Session of the 12th Synod of the Diocese of Akoko (Anglican Communion) commenced from Thursday13th – 16th June, 2019 at The Cathedral of  St Stephen, Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State. With the theme:  “The End Time Events” (2 Peter 2 & 3).  The Synod was presided over by The Most Rev’d G.A. Akinbiyi, the Lord Bishop of Akoko and the Archbishop of Ondo Ecclesiastical Province. This this year’s Synod is very significant , historical and very rewarding. We thank God for the life of our Apostle, the Lennon of our tim, the Diocesan Bishop and President of synod, The Rt. Revd.. J. O. B. Bada, JP. As the Diocese of Akoko celebrates 40th years anniversary since 1983 to 2023.

This years synod was being hosted by two Archdeaconries Oka and Oka South from Thursday 31st August, 2023 to Sunday 3rd September, 2023. The delegates, house of Bishop, house of Clergy and house of Laity converged at St. John’s church, Oka at on Thursday. After a short prayer, the synod matched to the Palace of Olubaka of Okaland, where bible was presented and prayers was said by the clergy and the bishop. The synod again assembled at the Church around 10am to considered the reports of the Cathedral, All Archdeaconries and other institutions reports. At 3pm, the Opening Holy Communion Service was held at Holy Trinity Ang. Church, Ebo Oka Akoko, the service was led by the President of Synod, The Rt. Revd. J. O. B. Bada. About 10 Bishop and Retired Bishop Olowokure and his twins brother came to grace the occasion. At the service, the Chancellor of the Diocese, Hon. Justice Bola read the Old Testament reading – I Samuel 7:1-12, Mrs. Cecilia Abiodun read the Psalm 18. Revd. Canon M. O. Ajose read the portion appointed for the Epistle – Acts 27:27-44 while Canon O. O. Oyediran read the Gospel. Bishop Dr. F. O. Babatuyi, Bishop of Osun Diocese gave a powerful 30 minutes sermon based on the theme of this year’s Synod ‘Ebenezer’ He described the word Ebenezer to be a song of victory as he congratulates the Diocese for how far it has reached and what she had passed through since 1983 till present day. He appreciates the Diocesan and all the people of Akoko for their steadfastness and pray that victory shall be ours. He narrated and mentioned the two Ebenezers in the bible one is for Victory while the other one is for catastrophic one, which he said he did not prayed for. He appealed to synod delegates to put their absolute trust in God so that we can shoust victory at all times. Immediately, after the sermon, the Ven. A. A. Olorunkoya led the Nicene Creed and intercession while the Diocesan continues and communion were served by the Bishops and assisted by the Archdeacons and Canons. The first day ended with prayers and benediction by the President of Synod after the notices had been given by The Revd. Canon E. O. Julius.

Day Three – Saturday 2nd September, 2023. The Holy Communion Service/Bible Study was led by Oka, Oka South and Oba Archdeaconries while the Bishop Dr. I. A. Adeniji, Bishop of Ilaje led the Bible Study relating to the theme of the Synod. Immediately after the Bible Study, The Revd. Canon E. O. Ogundele ( Youth Chaplain) took the podium with the youths for the Youths Convocation. The youths Convocation was an interesting programme where the youth were brought together in all Archdeaconries. The ICAN Ondo Chapter came to advised the youths on their careers. Talks was held. Questions were asked and Answers were provided. At the end of the Youth Convocation, the Synod converged for Groups reports, Communique, motion and resolution. Minutes were read, corrected and closing formalities were done.At the close of the meeting, the Diocesan Bishop met with the House of Clergy.

Sunday 3rd September, 2023. The Thanksgiving service started at the dot of The Holy Communion Service was led by the Diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Revd. J. O. B. Bada. Mama Akoko, Mrs. E. O. Bada read the Old Testament – 1 Sam. 7:1-12, The Revd. R. D. Adelaja read the Epistles- I Peter 2:1-10 while The Revd. T. J. Ologun read the Gospel – John 15:1-10. Ven. P. A. Oladepo led the Creed and Intercession. The Ven. Dr. Nelson Adewole preached the Thanksgiving Sermon. Ven. Olusakin A. O. led the Thanksgiving from the Cathedral to all Archdeaconries. At the Notices and announcements, the following people were preferred Canon – The Revd. G. A. Abiona, The Revd. J. O. T. Amanda, The Revd. M. A. O. Akinyemi and The Revd. J. O. Omowaye and The Revd. Canon S. O. Omobola as Archdeacon. The service ended gloriously. Thanks be to God as we prepare for the 1st Session of the 14th Synod at Ogbagi Akoko.