The Diocese of Akoko was situated in the Northeast area of Ondo State with 4 Local Govt. Area. The four corners of Akoko is a boundary to Kogi State, Ekiti State and Edo State. Christianity was brought by the released Slaves who came to preach the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it was a war between the then Christians and the Idol worshippers and mostly the Masquerades. The entire Akoko was faced with war mostly from Nupe, who were able to take some of the people to become their subject and many had to run to stay on the hills. It was Rev. Lennon in 1922, that he came to preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people and asked them to come down from the hills. He made a lot of impart in Akoko. The Diocese of Akoko came into being in February 28th 1983, Bishop J. L. Akeredolu became the 1st Diocesan Bishop after his retirement Bishop J. O. K. Olowokure took over, after his retirement Bishop O. O. Obijole came on board as the 3rd Diocesan Bishop. The Diocese experienced a 2 years Interregnum of which Bishop Oladunjoye supervised the diocese. Archbishop Akinbiyi was translated from the Diocese of Offa as the 4th Diocesan Bishop, after his retirement, The Rt. Revd. J. O. B. Bada as the 5th Diocesan Bishop.

Long live Akoko Anglican Diocese