Christianity was introduced to Ipe by Mr. Lawani (Lawal) in October, 1909.  Mr. Lawal had gone to Idoani to live with his relative Mr. Adelakun was a prayerful Christian, through his medical help, Mr. Lawal’s sterile wife got an issue.  On their return to Ipe with the child of prayer, the town people were amazed at the almightiness of the Christian God, and many was therefore converted.  Among the early converts were Messrs Akande, Alagbe, Jegede, Olagokun Olagorige, Kekere-Ekun, omolomo, Peleyeju, Aiyelade, Asipa and Agbojoogunmasa Adeyemi.  They all brought their families into the Christian fold.  As the congregation grew in number and enthusiasm, the Oba Agbomola and the heathen formented persecution against Christians.  They were taken to court at Kabba with the false accusation that they refused to pay tax and rejected all civic duties in the town.  The Christians made their case of being persecuted because of their new faith.  But as their  was nobody to bear witness in their favour the District Officer sentenced the following five of them to four month’s imprisonment each – Messrs Lawal, Olagokun, Aiyelade, Ayoola and Akande.  They all returned home safe and sound as against the rumour of their deaths were spread in the town by the heathens.  In remembrance of their valour, suffering and sacrifice to establish the faith, the ipe Christianity church established as annual festival of thanksgiving called “ODUN IJESU”.   As from 1914, Mr. Aknmade, an evangelist at Oba Akoko, native of Ondo, paid regular visit to teach them how to read and write and to supervise the Christian activities of the church.  During the time, the pagans were enraged by the progress attendant upon the Christian activities that they set their church on fire, but the Christian took courage and built a better one at their old site of the town.

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