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Since the creation of Akoko Anglican Diocese on 28th February 1983, there has not been any project as source of Income rather than the Diocesan Assessments paid by the Churches which many Churches are falling short of it. But in recent years (about 2 years ago), a land was given to the Diocese of Akoko at Abuja and in order to develop the land, a club was inaugurated for people to join in-order to raise fund for the project which the least contribution of every Anglican Member in Akoko should be N5,000.00 while some can pay up to N1,000,000.00 and more, and the Club is known as DIOCESE OF AKOKO CHRISTS’ AMBASSADOR CLUB (DACAC).

The inauguration of this Club is with the aim of using the proceeds to put up a building. Now the project has gulfed up to 50 million naira only to reach the level shown below.

The Diocese is now seeking for financial assistance from individual and corporates to complete the building project to the tune of 60 million naira only.  At the completion of the said building, it will help the Diocese of Akoko to be self-supporting and self-financing, Church Assessments will be drastically reduced.

Your contributions can be paid into the following Account details

Bank Name:   SKYE BANK

Bank Name:   Diocese of Akoko Christ Ambassadors Club (DACAC)

Bank Account No:   1771577127

Present stage of the Building in Abuja.             


                                                               The Rt. Revd. Gabriel Akinbolarin Akinbiyi, M.Th (London)

                                                             Diocesan Bishop of Akoko Anglican Diocese