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Father’s Day Celebration

This year’s Fathers’ Day was celebrated throughout the world on 19th June, 2016 with the theme “The Family: Society’s Building Block”.
The Diocese of Akoko was not left out, the celebration was done in all the Churches in a week long program with different activities with the father such as Talks, Special Rendition, Debates, Prayers and Thanksgiving which was done between Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th June, 2016.
The Mother Church of the Diocese, The Cathedral Church of St. Stephen, Ikare also participated fully in all the activities with a just few fathers in attendance, who came during the weekly activities which Guest Speakers were called to give them lectures in various topics which are: “The Role of Husband to his wife at home”, “The Role of the Father to his Children” and The Role of the Father to his Church and Creator”. The lectures were delivered by Mr. Emmanuel Agunloye, Mr. Imoru and Mr. Jide Kumosin respectively. The attendance of the Fathers was very encouraging are they were allowed to participate in the Service by reading of Psalm, 1st Lesson and 2nd Lesson, while the Dean of the Cathedral preached the sermon on the theme. The Sunday School were there to present their rendition to the Fathers and Church Choir to know the weight of the Fathers at home.
The Diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Revd. G. A. Akinbiyi and Mama Akoko were in attendance to grace the occasion. Celebration cake was cut to put life to the occasion of the Fathers’ Day.
It was a time of appreciating the worth of the Fathers in our society.

Mr. Emmanuel Agunloye reading the Lesson appointed for the Fathers’ Day – Eph. 5
The Bishop Praying for all the fathers during the Fathers’ Day Thanksgiving at the Cathedral
The Sunday School and their teachers rendering special Numbers to the Fathers on Fathers’ Day
The Dean with all the Mothers who came to grace the occasion of the Fathers’ Day.
The Bishop and wife, the Dean, Provost, Canon with their wives as the cut the Fathers’ Day Cake
The Dean taking photographs with all the Fathers in the Church as part of the Fathers’ Day Celebration
The Cathedral Choir rendering the special number to appreciate the Fathers in their lives.
The Dean of the Cathedral, The Ven. J. O. Idowu preaching the word of G od on the Fathers’ Day