Mr. Daniel Olaniyi, returnee from Ilesha brought Christianity to Ikun town in 1897. Due to opposition to his evangelical mission he wants and live with one Mr. Ali at Oba who was also a returnee from Ilesha.
The converts were badly persecuted by the heathens and they were often tortured by the Abodogi masquerades. In the early years of persecution, the church had the encouragements of the local itinerant preachers in persons of Messrs James Ibileru and omokoya who came regularly for Sunday services and lectures in the Christian faith.
In 1959, the present church building was started. Its completion was much delayed by the workmanship of the contract. The creation of a new vicarage near the church was started in 1979, through the influence of Ven .J.L   Akeredolu, the Archdeacon of Akoko.



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