The present Okeagbe township comprised of former small towns which emerged together at a new site in the year 1924 through the advice and instrumentality of Ven. L.A. Lennon.  The towns were Afa, Oge, Udo, Aje and Igboyin.  Oyin town was included in the preliminary arrangements of the merger, but later she bolted out, and only their Baba Egbe Daniel Owele stood firm to the decision by joining the merging together, and he built his house nearest to the Vicarage at Okeagbe.  He became the first Baba Egbe of Okeagbe until his death.
Afa Church:  It was one Joseph Ojo from Erusu who introduced Christianity into Afa town in about 1912. he brought  the first Yoruba Premier A. B. D to Messrs Isaac Duduyemi, Alade and Abegunde Anjorin .  Mr. Joseph Ojo was the Layreader of the Church for many years.
Oge Church:  In 1920, Mr. Ariyo from Erusu brought his wife to Oge for medical care, and seized the opportunity to engage in preaching the gospel to some friends who he was able to convert, among whom were Messr Akinyemi and Alonge.  Messr. Daniel, Aina Ajomo, Yesufu, Odofin-Oge who had been Christians of the African Church denomination abroad returned home with some copies of A.B.D. in order to teach their people to read.  The flourishing of Christianity aroused the anger of the heathens who started to persecute the convert in various ways.  Christianity was introduced to Udo about the year 1912.   Prominent among the early Christians at Udo in those days were David Daramola, Dorcas Oredola and Isaac Fasehun.
Christianity was introduced to Igboyin in about 1911.  prominent among the Christians at Igboyin in those early days were Simon Bamisile and Michael Akande.  In 1924, these churches in their towns or quarters respectively merged together and formed Okeagbe township at this new site abd built a new church, Ven. L. A. Lennon was opened a school for the congregation in 1926.



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