Mr. Seidu of Korowa quarters was a returnee from Seirra Leone who brought Christianity to Oka, on his return to the town in 1905 Joseph Lawani, an Ijebu Christian man was a petty trader living with Mr. Ogidiolu at Ikese quarter, Oka.  They both met casually in 1907 and jointly started an evangelical campaign which won many converts, among whom were Messrs Ogidiolu, Owokole, moses Fulani, Ologunroko and Kekereawo.   The first Church was built at Korowa quarter in 1911.  In year 1911, Rev. H.F. Gane, a superintendent of CMS at Owo visited the Church with a magic lantern while preaching to the people.  In 1912, Rev. H.F. Gane and Rev. Hedger conducted the first baptismal service at Oka and several people flocked into the church.  In 1912, the leader of the Church Mr. Seidu died and Joseph Lawani took the mantle of leadership in the young church.  As a trader, Lawani requested Ogidiolu, Jiwoju-Olorun, Oje and Kekereawo to help in leading but within a short time some asconded to Lagos, some moved to Ogbagi Akoko and some to other places since they are traders.  From 1914 Mr. Gabriel Akinmade, a native of Ondo and an evangelist at Iba-Akoko came regularly to supervise the church at Oka Akoko.  In 1915, there was a serious problem brought in by one Mr. Dominic who said that the moment you became a Roman Catholic member, you will be relieved from paying Tax, and this brought about the introduction of Roman Catholic Church in Oka.   Despite all this problem, yet the Church is still waxing stronger and stronger under Messrs Job Ogidiolu as Baba Egbe and Onokoya as Church Agent.  In 1918, Mr. Aiyegbusi became the Church Agent.  The issues of strict monogamy (one wife) which was spread throughout all churches in Akoko now hit the strength and progress of the Church very badly.  This led to the founding of the African Church at Oka between 1916 and 1917.  in 1930 to 1932, the churches at Ikese, Iboje, Korowa and Agba were fused together at Ikese for purpose of unity and stability.  It has since continued to grow steadily.
It was in 1921, when David Tutu was the Church Agent that Rev. L. A. Lennon opened the first school at Ikese and later another at Iboje quarter.  These were later brought together at Ikese for purpose of strength, unity and stability.  St. John’s Anglican Church, Oka became an Archdeaconry sit of Oka Archdeaconry with six other churches.