The church used to be St John’s Anglican Church, Victory College Ikare. It was inaugurated as a church on 16th of Sept. 1984. It was a chapel of Victory College Ikare before then. The building is probably as old as the School founded in 1947. the inauguration was done by the then bishop of Akoko diocese Rt. Revd. J L Akeredolu.
Its first anniversary was on 15th Sept. 1985. The church had a story and a name change at the dawn of the new millennium. It underwent incubation during the reign of Rt. Revd J.O.K Olowokure. Its thorough Spiritual and Status metamorphosis was during the reign of the erstwhile Bishop of our Diocese, Rt. Rev Dr O.O Obijole. His maiden Episcopal visit to the Parish was on 16th Jan. 2000.This paved way for the inauguration of the church as the diocese’s first youth church. The inauguration was on 20th Feb. 2000. Then the story change began.

Thanks be to God for its wonderful cast of clergy over the years that God has used in one way or the other to prepare for the story change. Revd A. A Daramola was the first from 1984-1989.

Revd Adegbola was also part of the success story. Revd. Cannon P.K Popoola also served here from 1996-1997. Rev. Can. A.O Olusakin was the transition vicar. He knew the former St. John’s and the now vibrant and thriving St. John’s.

He was here from 1997-2000. Revd O.A Akinbola served from year 2000-2003; the ground for the now was prepared then. The pasture was made greener and the success story told better when our present vicar came on board. He is Revd. A.A Olorunkoya. He has been here since 2003 and we’ve been marching strong since.



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