In about 1912, Christians from adjacent towns, especially traders, had started to introduce Christianity to some people in the town, among whom were Emmanuel Olumodeji from Ayere and Daniel Oluguna and itinerant preacher in Akoko.  This made Rev. E. T. Parkenham of the C.M.S. Missionary at Owo to visit the small Christian fold in 1918.  the foundation members encountered terrible oppositions from the Oba of the town by name Agere and his chiefs Daudu Abodurin, Ajere orundipe, and Balogun Ilusa who were heathens.
The first places of worship were in the houses of two of the converts Mr. Emmanuel Otele Okumoyegun and Thomas Akande.  It was in 1921 that Revd. L. A. Lennon had first baptism for some of the converts.  Prince Ayeni did a lot to protect the interest of the church and to spread the influence of Christianity.  On 23rd July 1939 winessed the end of denominational jealousies and of the establishment of real progress for the church.  The Anglican Church building was used as church, while the African Church served as school.  Much of the achievements had been due to the cooperation of Oba Apata, successor to Agere, and the good influence of the lay reader, Daniel Ajise Daudu.  Thus from Iboropa, Christian preachers and influence went round to Auga, Ishe and Ikakumo.



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