It was on Epiphany Day January 6, 1898 that Mr. Peter Awonusi returned from slavery at Ilesha and brought Christianity to his home land, Oba.  After a short stay, he went back to Ilesha and brought his family, friends and relations, among whom were Joshua Omosanya, Maria Omoladun and others  as the gospel was spreading, the following person also appeared prominent on the scene, Daniel Olaniyi, a native of Ikun, Daniel Olaniyi of Ikun fled to Oba where the Christian group formed a stronger force under Peter Awolusi, Daniel Olaniyi lived at and used Oba as a place where he went every week to preach at Ikun.  The then Oloba, Oladunboye, thought a good person personalilly, yet for the fear of the pagans who might remove him from the throne supported the suppression of the Christians in favour of heathen worship in the town.   It was from Oba that the gospel went to Owo through one Mr. Reuben Olaseigbe, who with some of his Owo friends came regularly to Peter Awolusi for Christian enlightenment at the time of Oba Olowo Atanneye who for a long time Europeans and missionaries to settled in Owo town.  Two of the highlights of the Christians impact at Oba worth mentioning were: 

  1. The stoppage of killing Twins and their care by the church.
  2. The founding of home lesson for both old and young, before a school was established in 1922 by Rev. L. A. Lennon.
    Infact, Mr. G.F. Akinmade in 1914 and later Mr. D.A. Tutu first ventured the “Home Lesson” system of education which later became a general policy among church workers in Akoko before the introduction of formal school education in 1921.  the first baptismal service were held Oba in 1907 and the Christian influence also formed a gate way for the western Christian influence in Akoko.  It was at Oba in 1909 that Akoko Church elders from Ikun, Ikare, Akungba, Supare, Oka, Irun, Ogbagi and from other places met to form Egbe Ibile (Akoko native Christian society) to defend and help themselves in the propagation of the gospel in the face of wide spread and fierce persecutions.  It was Rev. L. A. Lennon who suppressed the society in 1924 when there was no more persecution of the Christians and when Akoko was carved into a District Church Council (D.C.C.) separated from Owo.   From 1908 to 1913 Oba served as a place of refuge for Akoko Christian who had to flee their towns because of bitter heathen persecution.  It was through Lennon advice that in 1925, the church was give the name “Saint Peter” for two obvious reason.
    a)   For the foundation part played by the church in establishing Christianity in Akoko and
    b)   for fact that the man who introduced the Christian faith to Oba was by name “Peter” Awolusi, following Christ instruction of …… “Thou art Peter and upon this rock will I build my Church”  Matt. 16:18.



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